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Pizza serving boards

Pizza serving boards – Your service provider

Regardless of the profile of the dining establishment, some dishes require proper serving. It is sure to be appreciated by loyal customers, for whom it is always worth trying. Pizza, being one of the most beloved delicacies in the world, is just such a dish. Pizza boards are a simple and effective way to add splendor to any meal. A perfect circle covers the center of the table, allowing each guest easy access to all the pieces. Pizza boards not only increase the satisfaction of a meal, but also give a sense of uniqueness to every bite. The rough surface of the pizza board prevents undesirable displacement of the sauces, cheese and vegetables. It is different when this delicious, yet delicate cake is served on a plate. The ingredients then tend to & ldquo; run off & rdquo; towards the center of the vessel.

Solid construction, elegant jars

At GastroProdukt Professional, we use only the highest quality material, as evidenced by the beautiful and durable beech wood used in this case. The raw surface is perfect for crispy dough with tomato sauce. Our offer includes pizza serving boards with a diameter of 30 cm up to 50 cm for XXL pizzas. The thickness of the boards is 15 millimeters for the two smallest and 18 millimeters for the other models. An important feature that distinguishes our pizza boards are the small depressions that make it easier to cut the Italian cake into six different pieces. In addition, there are hand recesses on both sides, which make carrying the pizza board child's play. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with a wide range of articles to equip professional catering facilities. On the GastroProdukt.pl website you can complete the complete furnishings of the pizzeria, such as cooling tables, gas or electric pizza ovens. In case of questions or doubts, our customer service department provides professional advice, both on the telephone line and via e-mail correspondence.