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Cereal dispensers, muesli dispensers

With GastroProdukt Professional, you will prepare each meal faster, more deliciously and healthier. For over a decade, we have been ensuring that customers of restaurants, bistros, hotels and pubs receive maximum taste with a minimum of waiting time, and that the chefs of these places can show their full potential. When designing our portfolio, we take into account all profiles and sizes of restaurants, so that everyone can find the right element of kitchen equipment. We do not forget about tables, buffets and hotel restaurants, where self-service dispensers can be used. Breakfast, as is well known, is one of the most important meals of every day. Therefore, it is worth trying to make it not only valuable and tasty, but intuitively easy to prepare. It was with these assumptions that we created our muesli dispensers.

Dosing without crushing, i.e. cereal dispensers

It happens that some dispensers of this type are not very precise. During use, their content, be it nuts, breakfast cereals or muesli, is often crushed into smaller pieces, whether the customer wishes it or not. Our breakfast cereal dispensers are designed so that turning the ergonomic knob gently measures out equal portions without separating large particles. For the production of our devices, we use only high-quality materials, in this case resistant plastic and stainless steel. The combination of a transparent container with polished, steel elements provides a remarkable appearance, well presented in every restaurant room and more. GastroProdukt Professional muesli dispensers ensure ease of use and the pleasure of composing your breakfast. The whole structure is easy to dismantle for thorough cleaning, while maintaining an appropriate level of hygiene. In our offer on GastroProdukt.pl you will find muesli dispensers and single cereal dispensers with a capacity of 8 liters and double ones with a capacity of 8 + 8 liters.