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Catering microwave ovens

Professional microwave ovens – speed thanks to technology

When the latest technological solutions are used for culinary purposes, we often obtain not only healthier and richer in taste dishes, but most of all shorten the time of preparing a meal. At GastroProdukt Professional, we know very well that in professional catering facilities, every second is at a premium. Therefore, a device that speeds up the process of thermal processing and allows you to heat the dish to the desired temperature in just a few dozen seconds is an invaluable help in any kitchen. For a decade, we have been gathering valuable experience in the field of professional catering equipment in order to produce even better, more advanced and reliable kitchen appliances and furniture. It is thanks to the constant pursuit of perfection and the continuous improvement of our products that we are one of the leaders in this demanding market. Gastronomic microwave ovens are another confirmation of our dedication to the mission to provide the highest quality equipment designed for professional dining establishments.

Durable and always ready for action – professional microwave ovens

The wide range of applications and ease of use guaranteed by gastronomic microwave ovens have won them over many die-hard fans. These devices use the constantly modernized electromagnetic microwave energy technologies that allow you to heat a dish in the blink of an eye. What's more, the properties of microwaves allow them to penetrate food to a great depth, which significantly speeds up the thermal processing process, and it is also completely safe for health. The solid construction made of stainless steel protects against the propagation of waves, mechanical damage and against the loss of thermal energy, ensuring uniform heating of the food. Advanced, easy-to-read control panels enable precise setting of cycle length and microwave power. In some models it is possible to save your own programs. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the wide range of professional microwave ovens on the GastroProdukt.pl website.