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LOFRA Italy - Retro built-in oven

Built-in RETRO oven - Modern and functional electric ovens have been used for years in home kitchens, and even in professional gastronomy. In the GastroProdukt offer, our customers will find both electric ovens adapted to professional catering establishments, as well as those for home kitchens. For home kitchens, Lofra built-in ovens from the Dolcevita line are intended. This modern built-in oven is a combination of innovative technology with a beautiful, classic design.


Dolcevita built-in oven by Lofra – efficient, durable, tasteful

An electric oven, regardless of whether it is a built-in or a free-standing appliance, must be efficient. Durability is also required of the oven. In addition, remember that it is important that the dishes are baked perfectly. Lofra built-in ovens are close to such an ideal.

Built-in oven Lofra is primarily:

  • the latest technology hidden under a beautiful finish,
  • durability and warranty
  • the greatest potential for cleaning and contamination removal,
  • many baking options to choose from,
  • security for users.

We have made every effort to ensure that our offer is wide enough and that everyone can find the necessary equipment, and at the same time specialized. Retro built-in oven is a response to the needs of people who are looking for a classic design for an oven and at the same time the highest degree of functionality, so as to combine modern with classic. The built-in oven must be durable, functional and safe. Employees of the Lofra brand, which is a leading manufacturer of high-class household appliances, were guided by these three principles when designing it.

In our offer you will find a wide selection of the Lofra oven from the Dolcevita series. So you can choose the one that will meet all your expectations.