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OLIS Italy gastronomic kitchen - GastroProdukt

Professional gastronomic kitchens GP | Olis make everything from the idea to the final result easy. Whether it is kitchen equipment for a bistro, snack bar or pizzeria, or a large kitchen for a restaurant, corporate table, self-service restaurant or hotel. GP line | Olis has all the ingredients for the solution you're looking for: robustness, performance and design coupled with a passion for practicality and technology. Choose gastronomic cuisine GP | Olis to meet your space and usage requirements and start designing your future - now.

Catering kitchens from the Diamante line.

Catering kitchen - Tradition and innovation - everything on your counter.
Proven GP traditions | Olis express themselves in  gastronomic kitchens Diamante, even more practical, better equipped and more technological. An evolutionary step forward in professional catering kitchens. Every detail of Diamante has been designed to speed up and simplify preparation, cooking, tidying up and cleaning, making it your best assistant in the catering kitchen.


Gastronomy Kitchen GP Line | Diamante. Room for performance.

Gastronomy cuisine GP Line | Diamante is efficient and practical and simplifies every task in the gastronomic kitchen, from preparation and cooking to cleaning. Discover how fast and easy the GP | Diamante can make your work easier while delivering great results thanks to its innovative touchscreen display, exclusive dual-function doors and the most advanced technology that the GP | Olis.