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Ice cube makers

Professional ice cube makers – lód at at your fingertips

Professional ice cube makers GastroProdukt Professional are machines necessary in bars, cafes and restaurants. Wherever alcohol or frozen drinks are served, it is important to always have fresh ice available. Today it is hard to imagine drinks, especially during hot summer months, without this refreshing element. Our ice sharpeners enable its continuous production, which translates into real money savings. These compact machines can produce up to 155 kg of ice in 24 hours! Achieving negative temperatures is possible thanks to sophisticated air or water cooling systems, and the AISI 304 stainless steel body provides a solid, extremely durable armor, protecting against external factors.

Offer your guests a bit of luxury

With the relatively low cost of obtaining ice, its presence in drinks, iced coffee, a bucket of champagne or a drink was associated with a bit of luxury. Today, when we have ice cube makers and it is so easy to produce ice cream by yourself, it is still a very attractive element to diversify various drinks. We offer professional ice cube makers in many sizes, so that you can easily choose the model in the most appropriate way that meets the current needs of the premises. All devices that can be purchased on the GastroProdukt.pl website are completely safe for food and have the appropriate certificates, e.g. CE mark certificate. Ice cube makers are equipped with the latest technologies to recognize the amount of water, temperature or the number of ice cubes produced. In addition, their clever design ensures that the internal temperature is kept constant, which accelerates the production of ice. It is worth paying attention to the high performance of the GastroProdukt Professional ice cube makers – just 3 liters of water are needed to make one kilogram of square, perfectly transparent ice cubes. In order to flawlessly choose the most suitable model for your premises, we encourage you to contact our customer service department, where our specialists will provide comprehensive, professional advice and answer any questions.