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Gastro hoods with GastroProdukt Professional fan

There are appliances without which working in a professional kitchen would turn into a nightmare. The amount of dirt and grease covering furniture and catering equipment would effectively prevent any operation, grounding the premises for good. What are the tools? Of course, about gastronomic hoods with fan . Today, after many years of efforts and improvement of our solutions, we are proud to describe products with the GastroProdukt Professional logo as reliable, functional and efficient. Restaurant owners should have high-class hoods with a fan if they do not want customers to complain about the odor stream coming from the kitchen facilities, without an efficient air circulation system. Hoods with fan are more efficient than standard models. We recommend three types of hoods with a fan : slanted wall hoods, box wall hoods and box central hoods. We encourage you to choose a model that will meet your requirements and will perfectly fit into the space of the premises.

Hoods with fan – Set high standards

Most of our furniture and appliances are made of stainless steel. It is the best choice for kitchens, dishwashing rooms, laundry rooms, warehouses and other rooms with high humidity and air temperature. For equipment made of other materials, such conditions are completely destructive, but stainless steel can withstand similar difficulties. In addition, gastronomic hoods with a fan fit any type of kitchen decor, and smooth surfaces are easy to keep clean. An important advantage of GastroProdukt Professional hoods is their easy installation. Efficient fans attached to gastronomic hoods work quietly and efficiently, without causing any discomfort to the employee. We are convinced that a wide range of hoods with a fan will help you to efficiently choose a model that meets all your requirements. We also offer professional assistance of experienced advisors who will be happy to provide the necessary information.