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Hood type dishwasher

Hood type dishwasher - the basic device in your restaurant.

Hood type dishwasher - In a professional kitchen where every second is of importance to the smile of a satisfied customer. So it pays off to work with the most efficient and ergonomic gastronomic equipment on the market. This applies not only to the preparation of meals, but also to keeping the kitchen or tableware clean. We present to you hood type dishwashers that restore shine to dishes, cutlery and glass in the blink of an eye. We make sure that our devices present a new quality in terms of ease of use and performance. The hood type dishwasher can be loaded with a basket from the front and both sides, which facilitates the cleaning process. Its capacity is as much as 60 full baskets per hour with a 1 minute cycle.


Hood dishwasher


Hood type dishwashers - Quick, cheap and accurate – this is how hood type dishwashers work

Hood type dishwashers - Intuitive control by means of an electronic-mechanical control panel on the casing and clear markings facilitate operation even for inexperienced cooks, so that they can spend the time saved on more important activities. By choosing one of the pass-through dishwashers at GastroProdukt.pl, you will save not only valuable time, but above all resources and money. We have achieved extremely low operating costs thanks to many years of research on optimizing the operation of dishwashers. Efficient pumps and precise washing and rinsing arms, as well as carefully designed programs mean that, regardless of the scale of dirt and the length of washing, the dishwasher uses only 2.5 liters of water for one washing cycle. We make all our devices from the best quality materials, and this is also the case with pass-through dishwashers . The housing and washing arms are made of high-quality AISI 304 stainless steel, which guarantees cheap operation and long-term kitchen help. The doors and hinges are additionally reinforced for the safety of workers, dishes and the appliance itself. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the wide range of GastroProdukt Professional devices, which will make it easier for you to serve meals at the highest level. Our Technical Service Department will help you make the right choice and dispel any doubts.


Hood dishwashers


Hood type dishwasher - Innovative solution

Hood type dishwasher for the dishes facilitates the work of your washing room thanks to the front and side loading of dishes. The dishwasher can use very tall dishes, and even 1/1 GN containers

Industrial hood type dishwasher GastroProdukt offers a wide range of solutions. STRONG hood type dishwasher has up to 4 washing cycles: 60°, 90°, 120°, 180° sec .. The set includes the dishwasher also has detergent and rinse aid dispensers.

Our hood type dishwashers have a 400 mm high load and are designed to wash all kinds of plates, glazes, trays and cutlery. The hood type dishwasher control panel is equipped with protection against moisture. All GastroProdukt Professional pass-through dishwashers have an automatic start cycle.

The hood type dishwasher for the dishes is made of high-quality AISI 304 stainless steel and has the highest-quality components that are produced in Europe. The dishwasher also has the ability to adjust the dishwasher device level alignment.

The interior of passthrough dishwashers has been designed in an innovative way. Because the compartment in the dishwasher has rounded edges that prevent the accumulation of dirt and grease. Therefore, cleaning becomes very comfortable for the person working on our devices.

The hood type dishwasher uses 55 ° C water for washing, which is pumped through the filters by a washing pump to the dishwasher chamber.

Hood type dishwasher GastroProdukt Professional also has a scalding system, which rinsing water comes from a boiler with a temperature of 85 - 90° C and is pumped using the water pressure .

Hood type dishwashers STRONG dishwashers are designed for efficient and pleasant work of your restaurant.


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