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Catering thermoports for food

The key to the success of a catering business is maintaining a constant temperature of food, from the kitchen to the place where it will be eaten. Without this assumption, the whole project has no right to exist. Regardless of what dishes your company prepares, each of them should be consumed at a precisely defined temperature. If we do not take care of this, the food will lose its valuable taste, aroma and texture, which entails the falling pleasure of eating. If we want to deliver high-quality food, regardless of the type of dishes and the distance, we must invest in high-quality gastronomic thermoports. We would like to offer you well-thought-out solutions, based on modern technologies, many years of experience and design championship.

Higher strength class thanks to GastroProdukt Professional

By analyzing the needs and researching the causes of stumbles in the catering industry, and in particular focusing on catering companies, we have prepared several innovative models of thermoport for food. Each of them guarantees flawless performance of the task, which is failure-free transport of food from point A to point B, while maintaining a constant temperature. In addition, we took care of the maximum comfort during transport and the ergonomics of moving parts and handles, which characterize all the thermoports presented here. Pressed into the casing of the handle, characterized by extraordinary durability, ensure stability while carrying. The nylon buckles used to tightly close the door or lid, our food thermoports are fitted with, guarantee the maximization of the thermo-insulating function of the thermos. In addition, we have placed a valve in the lid, which equalizes the pressure and allows the accumulated steam to leave the inside of the container. This solution makes it easier to open the door, reinforced with high-quality seals. Can you expect anything more? We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the wide range of thermoports and thermosets for food available on the GastroProdukt.pl website.