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Electric heaters for dishes

Regardless of the situation, customers expect from the kitchen that the ordered dishes are tasty and warm. These two conditions apply everywhere and virtually all types of catering companies must meet them. Perhaps with the exception of an ice cream parlor ... However, if we want to offer constantly hot dishes in a buffet or catering, we must have mobile and well-presented devices. Electric food warmers guarantee that you will offer your guests warm delicacies regardless of the situation. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our extensive offer of complete catering facilities, in which you will also find electric catering heaters of the highest quality.

Chic and style in showrooms

When designing our electric food warmers, we use materials of the highest quality, such as polished stainless steel, as well as heat-resistant plastics. We also place great emphasis on aesthetic design, as well as ergonomics and ease of use. By using our devices in your premises, including the described catering electric heaters, you give your customers something more than certainty that the dish they are reaching for is warm. You also give them a feeling that this meal is not only a simple appeasement of hunger, but also a tasting of a dish prepared especially for them. In this category you can find electric catering heaters for GN 1/1 container and electric heaters for dishes with cauldrons. Reliable heaters, controlled by a thermostat, ensure quick and safe heating of the contents. The likelihood of food burning is extremely low here. Handy and solid handles on both sides facilitate transport, and the compact size allows you to place the GastroProdukt Professional electric food warmers in many places. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our experienced customer service team.