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Dough sheeter

Dough Shears - A dough sheeter necessary for your delicatessen.

You can find professional rolling machines for pizza, pasta or dumplings in the offer of our Gastro Produkt store. Rolling the dough by hand is neither simple nor pleasant, therefore in every more or less professional restaurant there should be a dough sheeter, which will significantly facilitate and speed up the work. Can you imagine kneading thousands of dumplings every day? We do not! If your restaurant has not yet found a professional rolling pin, you must change it. We offer dough shears are made of high quality stainless steel, so we can guarantee your satisfaction with your purchase.

In case of any problems with the selection of the appropriate equipment, please contact us, we will be happy to help you choose the best solution.


Dough sheeter

GastroProdukt Professional dough sheeter - innovative solutions

You regularly work in your catering or confectionery studio with different types of dough. So we have an innovative solution for you, that is dough rollers called róalso a rolling machine. The dough sheeter allows for quick and effective rolling out of the dough. One click is all it takes to start the roller. The dough sheeter can regulate both the thickness and the speed of the device.


Dough sheeter - what possibilities does it have?

Dough sheeter GastroProdukt has an automatic stainless steel roller, which facilitates and speeds up the process of rolling the dough. Before starting work on our dough sheeter, sprinkle the dough with flour so that it will not stick to the rolling pin. It is important to adjust the roller itself. which allows us to set the thickness of the dough. The roller adjustment is located on the side of the device.


Dough sheeter


Dough sheeter - Which type of sheeter should I choose?

GastroProdukt Professional offers dough rollers with single and double rollers. Single roller rollers work well with simple doughs that we can shape ourselves. On the other hand, we use rollers with a double roller for more advanced types of dough. The dough is rolled out on both sides by our rollers, which allows for a round shape. We also have dough shears, which are operated by hand. The most popular dough shears are the automatic versions, recommended by the most eminent confectioners.


Dough sheeter


Electric dough rollers - About what should you remember when buying?

When purchasing a dough sheeter, it is extremely important to determine what it will be used for and how often it will be used. Your decision should be influenced not only by the type of dough, but also by the amount of dough processed per hour. Dough sheeter the greater it will be, the greater its efficiency will be in shorter time.


Dough sheeter - Proper cleaning of the sheeter

In order to properly clean the dough sheers, the first thing you need to do is disconnect the machine from the power supply. Another way to clean the roller is to use a dry cloth or a broom. Remove large pieces of dough by hand, and the same goes for the back of the rolling pin.