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Professional coffee makers

Most people cannot imagine such a scenario. Napój this, known for centuries from Ethiopia, is an integral part of the daily diet of the average American or European. Professional coffee makers were created to meet the needs of even the most demanding coffee lovers.

Will you risk the morning without a hot cup of coffee?

These are the devices necessary in hotel dining rooms, self-service tables and equipment in every catering company. One of their strengths is their versatility – in addition to coffee, they allow you to brew tea and boil water. Small dimensions and solid, ergonomic handles make it easy to transport and place the brewing unit in any place. Let this unique aroma soar not only in cafes! Having professional coffee makers, you will win the favor of many customers for whom a cup of coffee or tea is sacred.

Aesthetic and efficient, i.e. professional coffee makers

The professional coffee brewers we produce will facilitate the preparation of this drink and maintain the ideal temperature (85 degrees) for a long period of time! Catering coffee brewers marked with the GastroProdukt Professional logo are made of single-walled stainless steel and a non-drip tap made of hard plastic. They allow for comfortable, independent use of the equipment by hotel and restaurant guests. There is a built-in filter for coarsely ground coffee inside the brewing unit, thanks to which the brew enchants with its exceptionally intense taste and aroma. Catering coffee brewers are equipped with a clear indicator of the level of the drink in the tank. In addition, there is a control lamp at the bottom of the device that signals the end of the brewing process and the need for cleaning. This is a great convenience in the use of the brewer. GastroProdukt Professional offers two sizes: smaller, 10-liter and larger, 15-liter, which makes it easy to adjust the device to your needs. Please contact our customer service department for expert advice on catering equipment.