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Chest freezer

GastroProdukt Professional gastro freezers for demanding customers

The GastroProdukt Professional brand has been proving for many years that reliability, ergonomics and durability should accompany designers at every step. The highest quality of equipment is a feature that distinguishes our products, regardless of where they are used. By choosing GastroProdukt.pl, you gain peace of mind and confidence that furniture and devices will become an integral part of the cooking team. We combine innovative solutions with the best culinary traditions to enable experienced chefs and enthusiasts of culinary art to create aromatic dishes with greater ease and pleasure. Gastronomic freezers perfectly fit into this characteristic. If you want to extend the use-by date in a professional kitchen, we must obtain a freezer, resistant to adverse conditions and adapted to many years of use. Thanks to it, the necessary ingredients will always be at hand.

Arctic in box – chest freezers

Properly equipped facilities include not only cookers, stoves, countertops, knives, and pots and pans. We must also remember to store large amounts of foodstuffs so that we always have a supply on hand. GastroProdukt Professional chest freezers are the perfect solution for those who look for simplicity, reliability and durability in their devices. By producing furniture and appliances, we prove that nowadays it is possible to create functional things, intended for many years of work, and at the same time maintaining competitive prices. We offer chest freezers in many capacity variants, all equipped with innovative solutions such as LED lights placed in the casing and digital thermostats. The solid construction of steel, aluminum and plastics guarantees a long service life and resistance to mechanical damage, temperature difference and moisture. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the offer, and if you have any questions, please contact the experienced specialists from the customer service department.


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