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Central box hoods

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Central box hood for professionals

Since you are on the GastroProdukt.pl website, it means that you value the high quality of gastronomic equipment. When you invest in appliances and furniture, such as central box hoods , you expect reliable and efficient equipment. No wonder, because the hoods are the tools necessary in any catering facility, regardless of the profile and size of the premises. These devices will effectively get rid of steam, aromas and oil mist, providing a safe, clean and hygienic environment for work and food preparation. Customers will not complain about the entire bouquet of smells coming from the kitchen and staff will appreciate the good working conditions. This should translate into better team relationships and more efficient work. GastroProdukt Professional has been providing the best companies in the catering industry with solid equipment that guarantees success for ten years. Central box hoods are made to order, so you receive a device tailored to your individual needs. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the wide range of reliable and long-lived hoods.

Efficiency above all – box central hoods

For the production of furniture and catering equipment, we use the highest quality materials. Certified stainless steel is one of the most frequently used engineering plastics in gastronomy. It owes its good reputation to its extraordinary durability and resistance to harsh conditions in the kitchen. Devices made of stainless steel are not afraid of moisture and the problem of corrosion. Moreover, this material does not react with organic compounds, is acid-resistant and can withstand damage. Built-in filters ensure high efficiency in neutralizing oil fumes. Floating fat fog is dangerous to the health of cooks, but also harmful to the back-up equipment. We can help you choose the right central box hood for your kitchen. Please pay special attention to the correct number of figures, dimensions and location when ordering.