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Bread slicers

Slicing bread? Piece of cake!

How long would it take to slice 500 pieces of perfectly straight bread with a knife? We didn't have that long to check it, but we know our industrial bread slicers do it in an hour. The whole loaf turns into exactly the same thickness in a few seconds, ready to make a delicious sandwich or serve the bread straight to the table. Industrial bread slicers are a must-have in every mass catering facility, bakery or other catering facilities. For ten years we have been constructing devices and furniture of the highest quality for premises that require reliability and the best performance from the equipment. This is what characterizes all our products with the GastroProdukt Professional logo. In addition, they are distinguished on the market by thoroughly thought-out solutions in the field of ergonomics, facilitating use and accelerating the preparation of meals. Our extensive offer, available on the GastroProdukt.pl website, includes, among others, industrial bread slicers presented in this category.

Speed and reliability industrial bread slicers

With all devices for cutting, shredding, having blades or enabling thermal processing, we care for solutions that maximize user safety. Automatic stopping of work when cutting is finished is not only an excellent protection against accidental use, but also saves electricity. In addition, each slicer, free-standing or countertop, is equipped with a well-marked safety switch. Although our industrial bread slicers are devices designed for continuous, many hours of use, they are quiet and efficient machines even after many years of operation. Knives and other elements that come into direct contact with food are made of the highest quality stainless steel. It is not only an extremely durable and resistant to mechanical damage material, but also an easy-to-clean component.


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