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Wall box hoods

Stainless steel box wall hoods – style and functionality

People are the most important in every company. The kitchen staff is irreplaceable in the catering facilities, and a constant, well-coordinated and experienced team decides about the operation of a restaurant, hotel or pub. By employing ambitious and talented employees, your company has a good chance of growth and publicity among your guests. The same is the case with gastronomic equipment. The better the equipment we choose, the more efficiently the work in our premises will look. For ten years, GastroProdukt Professional has made it easier to equip professional kitchens with high-quality furniture and gastronomic appliances to entities from the HoReCa industry throughout Poland. We have already been trusted by thousands of satisfied entrepreneurs and owners, as well as cooks and other employees working in the catering industry. Wall box hoods are one of the asóin our offer and an important product category of the GastroProdukt.pl website.

Reliable wall-mounted stainless steel box hoods for every kitchen

Chest cooker hoods are the essence of good style and functionality, which in this price range is hard to find from other manufacturers. The elegant, minimalist design made of stainless steel will perfectly fit into any catering facility. Resistant to dents, scratches and other mechanical damage, box wall hoods capture and remove excess steam, aromas and heat generated when working in the kitchen. They enable the maintenance of comfortable conditions in the catering facilities, positively affecting the well-being and health of employees. Resistant to moisture, dirt and grease, chest of drawers will work at full capacity for many years. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the wide range of comprehensive kitchen equipment available at GastroProdukt.pl. For detailed information on specific products, please contact Customer Service.


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