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Electric bone saws

If you work in a kitchen or a butcher's shop with fresh meat, you won't avoid having to frequently cut meat with bone. This can of course be done manually, although it takes a lot of time and effort. If you are looking for a more effective solution, be sure to check out the electric bone saw.

Bone saw - What is an electric bone saw?

Devices of this type are the basic equipment of butchers and employees of professional kitchens and catering companies. These durable machines are characterized by very efficient work, and the automatic control guarantees precision of operation and safety of use. Moreover, every cut with an electric saw to the bone is the same, which guarantees a uniform result. Thanks to the use of electric bone saw GastroProdukt Professional, you can be sure that the preparation of meat dishes will be much easier and faster than before.


Bone saw


Bone saws - How do I use an electric bone saw?

Before starting to cut, first adjust the height of the saw to the height of the piece of meat with the bone you want to cut into smaller pieces. Also set the selected thickness to which the pieces of meat with bone will be cut. Electric bone saws are equipped with a meat pusher that ensures that the meat moves correctly. This lever must be raised before the larger pieces of meat to be cut are placed on the base of the machine. Then lower the lever so that the pusher is in contact with the meat you want to cut. At this point you can turn on the appliance and slowly move the meat along the guide with the pusher. Continue this operation until you have cut the entire piece of meat, and when you are finished, switch off the bone saw motor and unplug the unit.


Bone Saws


Bone saw - What models of electric bone saws are in the range?

Each electric bone saw has its own unique properties and benefits. The key factor in selecting electric bone saws is the size of the machine. The larger the machine, the easier it is to handle even large pieces of meat. The offer includes products with a height of 16.5 cm, so you can cut meat with a bone of the same thickness. Are you looking for something bigger? Check the larger model. If you rarely work with meat, you might be better off buying a smaller electric bone saw.


Bone Saw


Bone and Meat Saw - What should you pay attention to when buying an electric bone saw?

If you want to equip your kitchen or butcher's shop with a professional electric bone saw, it is worth considering the available space in the room. GastroProdukt Professional appliances are available in various sizes, with smaller units having 40.5 cm x 50.5 cm bases, while larger models are 47 cm x 58.5 cm. You should also consider the functionality of the electric bone saw . Can it be used for slicing frozen meat? Does the engine have a safety switch? Often the decision to buy a device is determined by factors that make bone saws more convenient and safer to use.


Bone and Meat Saw


Bone saw - How to clean electric bone saw?

Electric bone saw are used to cut raw meat on the bone, so it is extremely important to clean it after each use. To do this, turn off the machine and unplug the power cord. Once this is done, you can start cleaning the device properly. The saw itself or the meat pusher is best washed with a brush in hot water and soap. The same can be done with the table top and base of the electric bone saw . The rest of the casing is enough to clean with a damp cloth. When washing, do not use aggressive cleaning agents and detergents, as they may adversely affect the condition of the appliance or the food being prepared.


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