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Bakery tables

For over ten years, GastroProdukt Professional has been designing and equipping the best gastronomic facilities in Poland and beyond. We know the problems and inconveniences that tireless bakers face every day. To facilitate the work and improve the process of preparing bread, cakes and many excellent pastries, we design furniture and devices tailored to the needs of professionals. Although we focus on new technologies and ecological solutions, we also care about the preservation of beautiful culinary traditions. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer on the GastroProdukt.pl website, where you will find, among others, professional bakery tables of various sizes.

Bakery tables – investment for years

When preparing any dough for baking, we must make sure that it is fresh and properly chilled. Too warm mass tends to stick to the surface and does not maintain the desired form. In addition, the necessary for kneading the dough is a stable, perfectly smooth and relatively large working space, preferably a granite or stainless steel top. All these requirements are met by our robust bakery tables. The furniture made of stainless steel is used to cool and conveniently prepare cakes and food products. An uncomplicated control panel on the front panel guarantees easy operation and precise control of the cooling system. Bakery tables in this category are devices with maximum energy efficiency. Advanced insulation made of eco-friendly materials and self-closing doors reinforced with magnetic seals make keeping temperatures low does not mean high energy consumption. Our offer is growing fast, and includes bakery tables of many sizes with or without rim, steel versions or with a granite top. In the event of problems with making a choice or asking about the functionality of a given solution, please contact the consultants of the GastroProdukt.pl store.